• March 2019// Invited to make new site- responsive work for Recreational Grounds IV

    A group exhibition is response to the car park below Wendover House, curated by Fiona Grady, Tim Ralston and Scott Mills. In association with PADA Studios, Lisbon; ASC and Turps.
  • March 2018// Awarded an a-n Artist Bursary

    One of 70 artists awarded an A-N Artist Bursary selected by Hannah Pierce, Lucy Day and Glen Stoker from a submission of over 500. It will support mentoring at a key moment as I consolidate new directions in my practice, and help me close some skills gaps to make a series of new and ambitious multimedia installations involving large-scale sculpture and dance.
  • February 2018// Selected to make new work for Scaffold Gallery's group exhibition There's No Such Thing as Boredom

    One of 21 artists to be selected for itinerant Scaffold Gallery's upcoming exhibition There's No Such Thing As Boredom, opening later in the year.
  • January 2018// Included in Psycho, Artist Book by Broken Grey Wires

    Broken Grey Wires first art book. Showcasing artwork, illustrations, photography, poetry and essays, all in response to the theme of Psycho. 60 full coloured pages. Available to buy online at
  • June 2017// Group show SPACE, London 15-17 June 2017

    New work including installation and performance developed with the support of London Creative Network (LCN) at SPACE London.
  • April 2017// ODDS, 14-16 April 2017, Studio 7, Assembly Point

    A group show encompassing the wider scope of artists regular activities and taking place during the transition between tenants in a studio space. Artworks are displayed alongside objects that exist on the periphery of artists known practices. Curated by Jonathan Kipps and Robbie Fife.
  • January 2017// Selected artist on London Creative Network's artist development programme at SPACE

    Alexis has begun 6 months of artist development including mentoring with London Creative Network (LCN) until the end of June 2017. She will be developing a new body of work from a longstanding body of research. The work touches formally on our ambiguous experience of physicality and the body in the digital age, and explores the idea of physical relationships as touch maps,including the disorientating effects when those counterparts are lost.
  • June 2016// Commissioned to make a large-scale site responsive sculpture for an outdoor, social context in Southend

    Alexis has been commissioned by Village Green Festival to make a new work for the one day, multi arts festival held in Chalkwell Park on 9 July. She recently spent a week at Metal Southend's Chalkwell Hall, participating in a R&D Culture Lab residency alongside seven other artists on the invitation of artist and Village Green curator Jonathan Kipps. Alexis' work will be be shown alongside new works by: Luke Gottelier, Cool Diabang, Josh Langan, Stuart Bowditch, Redhawk Logistica, Julia Mckinlay and John Wallbank. Tickets are £12.50 in advance from:
  • January 2016// Appointed as Visual Arts Producer for Green Man festival

    Alexis has taken up a curatorial and development role with the award winning Green Man festival. The 22,000 capacity festival, held in the Brecon Beacons, Wales was established in 2003 and the beginnings of a visual art programme has grown up over recent years. Alexis joined the team to develop the programme and will produced the visual arts offer for Green Man 2016 and 2017. She brings nine years of producing experience to the role, from the festival industry and the visual arts.
  • June 2015// Commissioned to write a text for artist Olivia Punnett

    Alexis was commissioned to write a short text in response to artist Olivia Punnett's latest body of work. Titled 'Reconfiguring the Ordinary Past; A Reflection on the work of Olivia Punnett', the text was made available at an exhibition of her work 'At The Still Point', AGC Gallery, Sheffield Hallam in June 2015. Read the text in the 'Essays' section of this website.
  • April 2013// Awarded Re-View Bursary

    Alexis was one of twenty-five artists to gain professional development support through a-n’s artists’ Re:view bursaries. Awarded in March 2013, the bursaries range in value from £310-£1000, from a total fund of £21,700. They are specifically designed to support artists’ self-determined critical and artistic development. All artists with a-n Artist+AIR membership were eligible to apply for a share of the £21,700 fund, and from 56 applications received, the following were successful: Judith Alder (Sussex), Sovay Berriman (London), Charlie Carter (Hampshire), Amelia Crouch (Leeds), Sophie Cullinan (East Midlands), Susan Diab (Brighton), Susan Francis (Salisbury), FrenchMottershead-(London), Penny Hallas (Powys), Anton Hecht (Newcastle), Matthew Krishanu (London), Sally Lemsford (East Midlands), Jean McEwan (Keighley), Steve Messam (Cumbria, Elizabeth Murton (London), Julia O'Connell (Coventry), Kate Paxman (Torbay), Chantal Powell (London) Phiona Richards (Northampton), Alexis Zelda Stevens (London), Joe Stevens (Bridport), Clare Thornton (Bristol), Alana Tyson (Wales) and Claire Weetman (St Helens). The practices of the successful artists range from painting, print and photography to digital art, dance, design and sound, many with collaborative working integral.
  • December 2010// Selected as one of fifteen emerging choreographers to receive professional development support from Sadler's Wells

    The Sadler's Wells Big Intensive for Choreographers is supported by the Jerwood Arts through the Jerwood Studio at Sadler's Wells. The choreographers that will receive two weeks of professional development support are: Alexis Zelda Stevens, Robbie Synge, Charlotte Spencer, Riccardo Buscarini, Elena Jacinta, Flora Wellesley Wesley, Petra Soor, Anna Melander, Nic Chalmers, Rachal Jean Birch, Linda Remahal, Arno Schuitmaker, Zoi Dimitrio, Lucia Tong and Mark Smith.