Alexis Zelda Stevens CV 2018 .pdf


At a time when there is increasing focus and daily exposure to virtual and simulated experience, I am interested in foregrounding physicality and its role in our experiences as both expressive and structural, especially where our relations to others are concerned. I am interested in the relationship between the real and the artificial, materiality and scale. Touch is the building block of our ability to imagine and understand the three-dimensional world. It’s a corner stone of child development and a human need. All my work begins from an improvisation through touch.

 Live work is fundamental to my practice as both a medium and a generator of ideas for static works. The work is informed by research into the experience of physicality on a micro level carried out through dancing (contemporary Limón and Cunningham techniques, and partner dancing) exploring: gravity, contact/partnering, how one thing can lean on, impact on or give weight to another, and qualities of energy, what happens when these qualities meet also. My work is increasingly exploring psychological states and processes, and the recent performance work Contents in Touch (SPACE, June 2017) explored the halting, and sometimes failed, momentum of loss and mourning.

Contextual research includes a series of essays exploring the conversation between visual art and dance in Autumn 2010, as it first sparked across the London arts scene. Written for a dance readership it was published by Dance UK, then the national advocacy body for dance, and a-n's Artist Blogs. Included are interviews with Siobhan Davies and Stephanie Rosenthal; and a longstanding study of Lacanian approaches to psychoanalysis, Carl Jung, Julia Kristeva and popular phsychology. 

Thank you for taking the time to review my application.